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Nick Montesa is a seasoned professional realtor.

He is very methodical in his approach to representing us as a client and knows exactly what to expect in the process of selling and/or buying a property. He is very hardworking and it shows in his daily interaction with you as a client. He has helped us prepare our property before it was actively listed and patiently walked us through the whole process, all the paperwork, home inspection, staging and pricing the property based on various factors that make the most sense to us. The guidance and recommendations Nick and his whole team provided us were very valuable and I was very happy with the successful multiple offers we received and for having picked the best offer. The whole thing went very smoothly and fast. (ML81809319) COE: 9/30/2020

Robert Austria

I recently bought a home in the East Bay with Nick’s help as my Realtor.

We previewed several homes and found one that I fell in love with. Nick has done his homework of looking at the most recent sales of comparable homes in the neighborhood and we submitted our offer at a price that is competitive but not over the edge. We were counter offered and told that there were 9 offers received by the seller. Nick has done an excellent job in his analysis of the best price to counter offer. The seller accepted our counter offer and the appraisal report supported the price that we offered. Thanks to Nick, I got my dream house! (MLS# 40688813) COE: 4/16/2015

Adrian C.

There are three important things that you will get when Nick helps you find the right home.

He is compassionate. He understands your needs and challenges; and he will work around that to fulfill your dream. Second, he is thorough and provides quality service. Finally, Nick is knowledgeable about real estate and will try his best to answer all your questions. I am grateful to have him in my journey toward getting the home that I want. (Metro Listing #20044915) COE: 10/1/2020

Eric Claravall

Excellent job.

His guidance and expertise has helped me through the tedious process of selling my condo. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends and anyone who needs a trustworthy realtor. (ML81844686) COE: 7/23/2021

Claudette Ignacio

I, Fariba Mason have been working with Realtor, Nick Montesa, on the sale of my property.

From the start, Nick had a very positive attitude. He was motivated and came to our first meeting with a strategy already planned. He did excellent work with due diligence in marketing my property and got it sold after only a few days on the market and way over asking price. Overall, Nick did an amazing job and was very accommodating to my extremely busy schedule. I would be honored to refer him to all my family and friends for their real estate needs. (ML81640357) COE: 3/22/2017

Fariba Mason

We consider ourselves lucky to have found a Realtor who truly cares about our real estate needs as first-time homebuyers.

Nick explained to us from the start that a CalHFA financing will require patience and persistence especially in the South Bay where competition is tough for us buyers. It can be frustrating having to compete with buyers with conventional mortgage loan and 20% or higher down payment… we are putting in 5%. We got counter-offered twice already but did not want to go beyond our cap. Nick provides guidance and support without putting pressure on us. We appreciate that he understands our limit and we like his advice to go far enough to where our comfort level will take us with our Counter Offer – take it or leave it – not having regrets if we did not get it. We are still looking and we know that it will happen. Patience and persistence are the key, as Nick said, and we have that. (ML81636323) COE: 3/30/2017

Tony & Criselda Martin

I appreciate you very much in helping me purchase my new home.

Now, I don’t have to deal with the daily stress from traffic and long commute. My new home is just 10-minutes drive to work and it’s gorgeous. I am one happy client. More power to you, Nick. You’re a great Realtor! (ML81696978) COE: 6/8/2018

A. Michael Chang

Nick is a conscientious realtor.

He represented me on my purchase of a single family home in San Jose. The transaction went smoothly. It took me some time to find my dream home. Nick was there every step of the way, providing guidance when needed. When I am ready to put an offer, Nick helped me put an attractive offer together. My offer ultimately got accepted because of the overall appeal. There were 3 offers and mine wasn’t the highest. The escrow process went smoothly and we closed earlier than scheduled. Overall, I am very happy with the whole process. (ML81464488) COE: 6/23/2015

Stewart Mac

It is my pleasure to recommend Nick Montesa, a Real Estate agent from IBIS Universal Real Estate for individuals or families searching for an ideal home.

I’m a professional who has been living in San Jose, CA for many years but haven’t owned a home myself before. As a first-time home buyer, I had a lot of difficulties at first dealing with the real estate industry with a lot of new terminologies, processes and tons of paperwork to go through. However, Nick has been very patient and helpful to walk me through the process, explain all the terminologies and paperwork for me to follow. Nick is always available whenever I need to reach out to him even late at night. He is very responsive, responsible and dedicated to his work. Nick just helped me close a deal with a win-win situation that both the seller and I are happy. I highly recommend Nick Montesa to be your Real Estate agent for the following highlights: He is knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry. He is dedicated to his work trying to get you the best home that fits your situation. He is patient with client, especially if you are a first-time home buyer like me. He is very responsive and always available when you need help. (ML81739162) COE: 4/30/2019

Mike Long Nguyen

I enjoyed dealing with Nick Montesa in the sale of my condo because he was very articulate, provided me with thorough current market information, was not pushy with his suggestions on how to best sell the home, rather treated the process as a partnership, and left final decisions up to my own discretion.

(ML81768640) COE: 12/31/2019

Sonja Jamali

I am pleased to work with Nick Montesa.

He is highly experienced with professionalism and dedication and very informative in putting my wife and me at ease about selling our home. Nick established timelines and expectations for how we can successfully meet outcomes in the real estate market. (ML81914867) COE: 2/17/2023

Gene Canoy

Nick is a very conscientious realtor.

He understands and accommodates every of my needs. In less than a month, Nick was able to sell my condo in Milpitas at Full Listing Price. The process was smooth. It could be unnerving at times because of the market condition, but Nick was there every step of the way to reassure me and keep me on a positive note. The condo’s listing price that Nick recommended was on point. That was key because it could either attract or deter potential buyers. Nick is always in touch with the housing market condition. One of the things that I like about Nick is his analysis skill. Before meeting with Nick on our initial meeting, he sent me the housing statistics around my neighborhood. This helped me gage the expected price and the time it took to sell a similar property type. Overall, I am happy with Nick and the selling experience. I would recommend anyone to consider Nick as the go to realtor. (ML81430194) COE: 10/17/2014

Stewart Mac

We had the most successful experience with Nick.

He spent the time many months prior sale of our own. Detailed everything to be expected preparation sell. When the event selling our home 1-2months prior. He held our hand through the process. He was very wise pricing. Strategically planned events show our home and our goal sell in 2 weeks. close on a particular day. Amazing it really happened. Lots of planning, advise, wisdom. Good communication made this best sale ever. Of course minor glitches before final close but informed all the way always supported. NICK IS VERY PROFESSIONAL. EFFICIENT. KNOWLEDGEABLE IN HIS FIELD REAL ESTATE. 5 star rating by us. We have moved on and have new home with all the plus now. Thanks Nick (ML81748103) COE: 6/10/2019

Amber Westbrook

Nick is the most attentive real estate agent I have known!

I highly recommend choosing Nick as your realtor. His communication and responsiveness is always very timely, which makes you feel extremely comfortable with every decision and interaction. As for the market, Nick is on top of it daily. My house was priced appropriately and the marketing approach was highly advantageous. My house sold at a great price and within a reasonable listing time. I would choose Nick again every time! (ML81748103) COE: 6/10/2019

Stuart Westbrook

Highly recommend Nick especially if you are thinking of doing a 1031 Exchange.

He understand the process and guided us through all of it. (ML81856313) COE: 9/13/2021

Dennis & Marie Siscar

THANK YOU, Realtor Nick Montesa, for doing an excellent job in selling my home.

We got multiple offers and I got a lot more than what I had expected. You come highly recommended to all of the home sellers out there. (ML81702449) COE: 6/5/2018

Adrian C.

Selling a property one has owned for many years can be daunting, frustrating and emotional.

But Nick put us at ease with his guidance and expertise. His recommendations throughout the process were spot on and really paid off. His follow through is terrific. We were never left in the dark about anything. Honestly, I can hardly believe how smoothly and quickly this all went. (ML81809319) COE: 9/30/2020

Martin Grimes

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